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Nottingham counselling centre offers counselling and psychotherapy services in Nottingham. We provide one to one counselling and group workshops on a range of topics such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Relationship issues. Our counselling services are open to Individuals, Couples and Corporate Clients.

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Our free self assessment questionnaire is a free download that gives you the opportunity to read through some basic questions, it also offers a free analysis which may help you seek the correct treatment for your issue.

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Counselling in Nottingham | Psychotherapy Support Services

Nottingham Counselling Centre are providers of counselling and support in Nottingham, which is run from The Riverside Natural Health Centre. As well as providing support from highly qualified and experienced counsellors, we proved lots of interesting information about how counselling helps people to feel better about themselves and to be able to change or better understand their situation and the circumstances that cause their emotional distress.

As human beings we are complex, and individual, and we experience the world in our own unique way. Our minds are as much a part of us as our bodies and we need to take care of our emotional health as much as we take care of our physical health. We don't have a stigma attached to a physical health issue, we accept it and look for a solution.

Counselling and Support in Nottingham

However, when we touch on the subject of counselling we feel uncomfortable and therefore we choose to avoid it. We will go to many lengths to hide our emotional problems from family, friends and colleagues because of the stigma that has always been associated with therapy and counselling.

It takes a strong person to acknowledge that they have an emotional problem and to take action in the same way as they would if they had a physical illness by seeking help from their GP. Counselling is an essential element of growth and repair for the body. You can see a broken arm and accept that it is broken, but because the mind and the emotion we feel are not tangible or visible we tend to disregard it hoping that it will go away. In many cases it might but if you do not have the right tools or training to move forward, the problem can escalate to a much bigger problem


Call for a confidential chat with one of our counsellors today. You may prefer to use our counselling self-awareness check list as an indicator to show where your problem may be.



Free Self Assessment Download

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Counselling and Support

Telephone counselling in Nottingham

Telephone Counselling.
30 minutes telephone counselling sessions
Only £25.00

We provide counselling in a number of ways: face to face counselling and telephone counselling. We also provide group stress management, coping and awareness days if you prefer to receive counselling in a group

We also provide follow on support as a consolidation process, this helps you stay on track whilst you're going through your change using the coping mechanisms and strategies that your counsellor has given you.

Our service is a complete service that totally looks after your health and wellbeing.

We also provide Complementary Therapies

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